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Each of your amazing feet contain 26 bones, 33 joints and over a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments. The ancient healing traditions of China, India, Egypt and in more recent times reflexologists; recognize that your feet serve as mirrors for our overall wellbeing with some foot ailments being the first signs of deeper medical conditions. Connect to and pay deserved attention, take care of;  thank your hard working feet. You  will not only alleviate stress and fatigue, activate the immune system, ease emotional imbalance; you will notice that you unlock a wellspring of energy.
  • Prepare some warm oil (Afterglow Feet First Pouring Massage Candle)
  • Sitting on a chair or bed; take a few deep relaxing breaths;  stay fully present and aware of different sensations you experience as you massage your feet and ankles
  • Massage plenty of warm oil into the top of the right foot from the ankles to the toes; to the heels and the sole. Allow the oil to be absorbed (add more oil as required)
  • Take time to explore the different parts of your foot including the heels; extend into your ankles up to the base of your calves
  • Massage the top of your feet and press at the base of the shin; gently and slowly drag your thumb toward the big toe. Return to the shin and repeat the process of pressing from the shin to the second, third, fourth and fifth toes. Gently twist each toe and pull to lengthen as if”popping the joints” (DO NOT twist or pull toes if they are arthritic or swollen)
  • Place your right hand on the top of the right foot, lace your fingers between your toes, rotate the ankle first in one direction
  • Unlace your fingers; use your right thumb to apply pressure along the inner border of the sole from the big toe to the heel and drag your thumb along the outer border of the sole, from the root of the fifth toe to the heel.
  • Make a  fist and kneed the sole of the foot ; thumbs and fingers to press; hands to stroke, rub, squeeze and bat feet to lightly circulate blood, nutrients, relieve tight spots and soreness.
  • Repeat the process with the left foot and ankle
  • Try massaging your feet 5-20 minutes before bed  – you will fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Regular foot massage can help to protect the health of your feet, ankles and knees; improve balance and proprioception; improve or prevent plantar fasciitis; improve energy and sleep – your feet will certainly thank you!

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