Inspiring you to Reclaim Yourself
Putting Self-Care at the Heart of Daily Rituals

Our natural, vegan, products, services and resources, reflect our ongoing commitment and high regard for our customers, stockists, business partners and desire to contribute to sustainable practices and promote a planet conscious culture.

"It takes just a  few minutes,  a little patience and a good dose  of love to get comfortable, settle in and befriend yourself.  Give yourself permission to meet and truly accept yourself in the moment just as you are!"


Unique Holistic Approach

Putting Self-Care at the Heart of your  Daily Rituals

Here at Yoga My Life we we are passionately committed to sharing our knowledge, experience and values. We invite you to delve a little deeper, make informed choices, free yourself from comparison and self-limiting ideas of “being better than”  or “more than,” so you can truly flourish whilst wholeheartedly celebrating being yourself.


Empowered Daily Rituals

  Affirmations, Mantras & Inspired Quotes

Yoga My Life products incorporate considered affirmations, mantras and thought provoking quotes designed to empower your daily rituals.  
View daily activities and rituals as opportunities to check in. Each time you look into a mirror to apply or use our products, you are gently reminded to reflect positive self-talk, authentically nuturing and honoring your entire being.


orge a connection to the deep wisdom of your heart


ccept yourself in the moment just as you are 


elebrate and nuture your skin inside & out


mpower your language with positive self-talk 

Core Values & Mantra

Intuitive. Effortless. Balanced. Relaxed. Reflective.

We only produce products, source ingredients and deliver services
that we are happy and excited to use ourselves and never compromise on quality

Afterglow Range –  Natural Vegan Skincare and Therapeutic Wellness Products

Bursting with botanicals, oils and  mood enhancing aromatic blends. All coupled with positive affirmations & life affirming mantras for beautiful skin and renewed sense of calm.

Yoga Shed – 5 Minute Yoga

Short, effective,  accessible yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques  – dip in and out throughout your day for a deserved pause and reset. 

FuNKi Botanicals®
Nature Inspired Gifts

Time to reflect; embellish journals and get creative.

Cherished Moments
Digital Art Service

Celebrate & share cherished precious life moments. Simply upload your image and let our in-house Eco Friendly, Digital Design Artist work her magic! 

Eco Bottles
Vacuum Insulated

Premium steel, vacuum insulated, stylish powder coated  water bottles  – keep hot drinks warm for 12 hours and cold drinks chilled for upto 24 hours

Natural & Authentic

Ingredients & Packaging

Feel Confident and Assured about what you put on your Skin

Vegan Friendly

Free From SLS, MI, MCI

Minimal Recyclable Packaging

Botanically Sourced 

No Parabens, Mineral Oils, Palm Oil or  GM  Ingredients

Never Tested on Animals

Who Are We?

Meet The Team

Our sincere hope is that you put self-care at the very heart of your daily rituals by making good use of our carefully considered, cruelty free natural skincare, planet friendly wellness products & yoga inspired resources. 

Meet Farah

Holistic Yoga Therapist & Social Entrepreneur

Our skin truly is an amazing organ; what you put on it; how you treat it and the way in which you apply products really does matter. Gorgeous skin is not defined by one's age; or use of expensive products; it is far more important to favour quality ingredients, adopt effective regular skincare routines and learn to savour another of life’s rituals.

Coming to terms with the unexpected loss of my beloved Mum in April 2018, coupled with my yoga practice of over 25 years provided the impetus and driving force behind why I started Yoga My Life. My Mum inspired me to focus my heart energy on what really matters; to make a difference to the lives of others in my small way and have the courage to live my dream.

Initially I set up my studio; Yoga Shed Sheffield. This brought me a great deal of hope and strength during a really difficult time; through teaching and  regular contact with wonderful people, all in need of yoga, relaxation and respite.

I  learnt an immense and  valuable life lesson during this time. In order to be truly of service to others, I must first acknowledge my own reality;  be honest with myself,  face my discomfort and tread gently on the path to healing. Yoga My Life is borne out of my personal journey of self-reflection, coupled with “learning to take a good dose of my own medicine.”

I am eternally greatful for the opportunity to develop and share with you my yoga inspired; all-natural skincare;  sustainable wellness products and services. Carefully considered and designed to offer you the opportunity to practically, seamlessly and manageably integrate effective self-care and wellness tools into your daily life. My sincere hope is that you greatly benefit and enjoy your personal journey of self-discovery through self-care and compassion.

Meet Nadia

In-House Digital Design Artist

I have always been passionate about Art and my earliest memories are having hours of creative fun at my Grandmas. She  patiently indulged and encouraged my curiosity and playful exploration.

I have developed a keen interest in Digital Art and use of it as an Eco Friendly medium to capture cherished precious life moments. I digitally hand draw recreating images from uploaded photographs which you can then share in digital format or send as a poster to friends and family. Each piece is unique to you and triggers a happy shared memory of events; experiences,  places;  family member(s), freind(s) or  beloved pet(s).  

I find the process of giving a “new lease of life” to precious photos/images extremely satisfying and hope you enjoy seeing your familiar images in a new way.