BreathEase Yoga Socks

Sale price£9.47
Color: Purple
Size: UK 2-7.5

BreathEase Yoga Socks - Elevate Your Workout Comfort

Introducing the BreathEase Yoga Socks, crafted from premium towel/terry fabric to ensure ultimate comfort and functionality. These socks are designed specifically for active women, offering superior grip and support for a variety of activities such as yoga, Pilates, Pure Barre, ballet, dance, and fitness workouts.

Product Specifications:

Fabric: Made from high-quality cotton, BreathEase Yoga Socks provide a soft, breathable feel for extended wear comfort.

Non-Slip Grip: Featuring an anti-friction design, these socks enhance stability and prevent slipping during intense exercises, ensuring a secure footing.

Versatile Use: Suitable for yoga, Pilates, dance, barre, fitness, and home workouts, these socks are versatile companions for both studio and home exercise routines.

Size: One size fits most (35-40 yards), offering a snug yet flexible fit for various foot shapes.