Unlock The Power
of Self-Care

Natural Skincare & Wellness Products for
Beautiful Skin & Renewed Sense of Inner Calm

Unlock The Power
of Self-Care

Natural Skincare & Wellness Products for Beautiful Skin & Renewed Sense of Inner Calm

Our Mission

Inspiring you to Reclaim Yourself
Putting Self Care Practices at the Heart of Daily Rituals

Not Just Skincare, Self Care

This is a lovely candle with a beautiful botanical smell. It spreads easily and functions as well as a regular massage oil. Additionally, it dries well and doesn't leave a greasy residue on the skin.
Kirsty Darroch
Support specialist for Yoga Alliance Professionals


Feel Truly Pampered

Melt Away Tension

Discover our Delightful Trio:
Body & Soul, Hair Affair & Feet First!

The Perfect Self-Care Ritual or Treat for a Loved One!

Sumptuous Aromatherapy Oils & Butters
Hand Made and Hand Poured in the UK

Empowered Living & Renewed Sense of Calm

Yoga My Life invite you to honor yourself by prioritising and actively practicing self-care rituals daily.

It takes just a  few minutes,  a little patience and a good dose  of love to get comfortable, settle in and befriend yourself.  Give yourself permission to meet and truly accept yourself in the moment just as you are!


The Yoga Shed

Just 5 Minutes is all you need to build an Empowered Yoga Practice!

Experience a myriad of health and emotional well-being benefits throughout your day  – at home, work, on your travels or at play!