PowerBrick Yoga Block

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Color: Orange

Experience ultimate support and durability with our high-density PowerBrick Yoga Block. Crafted from eco-friendly and non-toxic EVA foam, this robust block is built to endure the most challenging yoga poses and exercises, ensuring it is a reliable body block and exercise block for long-term use.

Featuring non-slip surfaces for superior traction, the PowerBrick Yoga Block is an essential yoga accessory for maintaining optimal balance and alignment. Perfect for practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced, this versatile EVA foam brick also doubles as a dance block for stretching and splits.

Enhance your practice safely and effectively with the PowerBrick Yoga Block. It deepens and elongates stretches, assists in modifying challenging poses, and helps alleviate stress and pain, acting as a supportive cheer block. Whether you're mastering new poses or refining your technique, this block is your ideal companion.

The PowerBrick Yoga Block comes in a vibrant blue or purple colour. Designed to help you progress at your own pace, this block is essential for advancing your asanas, making it a vital addition to your exercise routine.

With dimensions of 23×15×7.5 cm and a light weight of just 117 g, the PowerBrick Yoga Block offers unparalleled support and stability. It is perfect for yoga students of all levels, providing a practical and essential exercise block step for your fitness journey.